Do Drugs assist artists?

Alrighty Folks, just came home from a top party to see off a mate to New Zealand and while getting my fill of internet news, scrolling through the Guardians website found this tasty little nugget of journalism on the legalise drugs debate

nancy knows best

Ann Widdecombe sounds like the Tory loser she is, AC Grayling thankfully weighs in with some reasoned logic one would expect, the author Phillip Pullman though get top marks to me for encapsulating the whole affair in words I would happily borrow;

“Should drugs be legalised? Of course, and as soon as possible. Every human society we know about has used drugs to dull pain, to bring about sleep, to prolong wakefulness, to increase physical endurance, to induce hallucinations, or just to feel better and promote good fellowship. The war on drugs, so-called, is a policy of utter and unforgivable folly; you might as well make war on human nature.

Legalising drugs would have three huge and immediate benefits: it would cut the link between drugs and crime, and empty the prisons; it would ensure that supplies were pure and reliable and not cut with chalk or worse; and it would provide a vast new source of tax for the Treasury. No one was a bigger fan of Prohibition than Al Capone.”

The one thing I would add on to that is the undoubted role that drugs have played in moving society forward. History is littered with people who got off their bonce and found added wisdom, most notably in the arts.

I came to thinking, about my own exploits of making music while under the influence, and also got thinking of the time an avid Verve fan to be in utter dismay when, of all people, Richard Ashcroft sang his chart topping ballad bollox – “The drugs don’t work”. Surely not, he was clearly taking the wrong ones, but I knew we had both been doing several of the same ones and they worked pretty damned well for me…

So what’s peoples thoughts – do drugs help you make better musik? Do they help you find a higher plain and reach for the innovation stars …??? How many of you make musik while high?


Mr Hendrix, Morrison et al it would appear it certainly helped…

The couple of times I tried making beats while riding the E wave, a few years back, I had to give up and take a walk around Didsbury rushing my nut off and contemplating if I should take a night bus into town and find some real mischief. Recently I watched a video of Rusko making some fine dubstep and then recommending a smoke to critique the beats and see how the work was… but this was after the magic had been woven. This topic could roll on forever, but I thought i’d put it out there, and will no doubt return to it at some point… answers on a postcard ;p

Mr Robot

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