The essential steps for making music

Austin Powders called it his mojo, some say zeitegist .. whatever it is when that moment of inspiration comes you need to get it down efficiently if you are to make music that realy inspires.

In todays world where I have a more powerfull studio on my laptop that hundreads of thousands would have got me in the 80’s and even 90’s, the ability to make the sounds you hear in your head are ever closer. Yet I still say making music, is at best 20% inspiration 80% system / perseverance and plain olf effort.

Sure some of you must be wondering how does prydz and co turn out these amazing productions, while i dont know mr prydz, i can speak from my own experience, and all these a track in couple of hours is bollox! maybe a day if everything flows, but to do that you have to have a system in operation and alot of the building blocks there and waiting.

So with that in mind i thought it would be good to outline the main areas you need to cover in making music so that when you do sit down, your productive as possible when that mojo takes hold.

Regardless of what type of music you make there are some key steps, i think you need to follow:

1) keep your system as simple as possible. minimum number of synths, connections, interfaces etc

2) have a base template for the standard elements within your chosen DAW

3) Samples – have a organised set of goto/ without fail samples for all the key sounds

4) Know your audience

5) Decide a vision for your track, against which you will rank any additional element. if it doesnt fit bin it or put it into a new project

6) Know the sound of your room and have good speakers

7) Always finsh the track!!! … this can not be overstated in importance if you want to get anywhere!

8) A to B with commercial recordings in the genre your trying to make to ensure your production meets the standard, if not tweak whats lacking. Think of this as your ‘closed loop feedback system’

9) Get impartial advice, don’t just listen to your mates

10) Keep trying and don’t lose faith!!

On top of those ten i think there is a another golden rule, certainly for electronic music. If there isn’t a vocal line throughout the track like in a proper song format, then you need 3 evolving elements going throughout the main section.
Otherwise the song is too simplistic to fool the brain that it isnt just a repetative loop!

We’ll cover the less obvious of these area in future posts, but for now… think its time you got cracking with some beats … and dont forget to send us the results ;p

Trust me if you follow these steps, you will make the music you desire.  I’m proof, a dyslexic looney who 4 years ago couldnt do anything, the results I produced made my ex shake her head. Now I’m acritically acclaimed, had my music played in pretty much most of the big clubs, radio shows, A-list DJ support, run a label and keep improving all the time.

I STILL stick to this method!… the stairway to heaven is long and winding, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel…  hopefully its not a train ;p



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  1. #1 by Paul Wong on March 12, 2014 - 2:34 am

    lol nice “hopefully its not a train lol”

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