Soundcloud Featured Artist – Nov 6th – Dilby

Congratulation to New Zealand’s Dilby for winning our first Soundcloud Featured Artist.

DJ Dilby

The track is question – Deep Funk is exactly as it says on the tin, deep grooving beast of a track, with some top notch production.  A phat kick and vocal stab from the start grabs your attention as sure fire dance floor material, building the track with deep bass and echoed percussion before layering some fine filtered pads over to take it to that next level. All in Dilby and produced a solid track, sure to work a treat as builder in any Tech-House dj’s set.

The joys of internet let us pose a few choice questions to Dilby when we announced his success, this is what he had to say  –

“that is awesome, I’m really stoked. I have had a really good response to the track which has been cool.”

So Dilby While you bask in glory, few questions to share your thoughts with the readers.

When did did you start and one sentence summary of you history:
I have been DJing on and off for about seven years and have done stints of producing throughout. In the past 18 months I have really been inspired to get serious in the studio.
Best night of your life:
I would have to say it was a tie between the 2001 and the 2002 Gathering festivals (R.I.P.) at new years in Cobb Valley, Golden Bay, New Zealand
Favourite Production toy:
Ableton Live 8 for sure. And I just got a Novation Nocturn which is awesome for tweaking your plugins.
Inspiration for the track:
I was a bit over all of the crappy club electro and peak time house music which has been coming out and got in the mindset that the best type of house music was just funky, grooving, solid tech house. Not the Beatport tech house top 10 but true underground house. That is what I was aiming for and that is why the tune doesn’t have a hook; just a groove and a jack.
Favourite producer:
Right now I an really liking Audiofly, Joris Voorn and Doomwork but with the abundance of great producers out there it is hard to pick a single name
Plans for the future:
Keep making tunes and see where it takes me

Excellent. We’ll we’re pretty sure the road is going to be paved with alot of good times if this is anything to go by!

You can check out more of Dilby’s tunes and mixes on his Soundcloud and Myspace.

The benchmark as been set folks and its high. Looking forward to hearing future work from this guy…


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