How to DJ

I’m fresh back from seeing Spencer Parker perform in Leeds at Wire club for the night Organic. Great little venue with alcoves to sit in, low ceiling, friendly staff, intimate dance floor and a Function One sound system!

Anyways got me think about the art of DJing, and how so many guys stand there motionless and staring at their controls, may as well be in their bedroom. Spencer Parker on the oher hand, seriously rocked it… jacking around, smiling and clapping with the crowd, working the controls like he really felt it, and along with a top notch selection of tunes, his personality alone got the crowd really involved.

So what makes a good DJ … well coincidently before i’d gone to lastnite gig i was looking up Derrick May, after a chance meeting with him at ADE early this month – what a guy!, and he had this blog post


I couldnt agree more with this stuff, as I take my first steps back into performing again, I’ve really had to think about it. Just last week i was playing 3hr set at Digital- Newcastle, while Eric Prydz was in the main room. Initially i was trying to drop some girl friendly disco and even some Calvin Harris to keep the girls dancing, and really it wasnt me… so after an hour or so jus started twatting it out in my own deep techy style, bit of Audiojack, Spencer Parker, S.N.U.S, Nick Curly, Timo Mass, Click & Zoom stuff n loops of their tracks new and old, my own custom loops and layer sections, adding effect sucj as beat repeat.. and i was loving it, bouncing about and this worked way better.. guys coming up demanding know what track I was playing, girls giving me that little cheeky look…

To me dispite all the technology arguments the ball of the matter is people are there to party! no one really, apart from the geeks, care what format the music is in. If it sounds good it is good. Period! You have to enjoy it for the party to enjoy it, by all means vibe off them but you have to play what you enjoy and take them on YOUR journey, thats why theyre theyre to see you… interact with the crowd, show them your enjoying it too.

So to summarise the key point to being a DJ

a) Enjoying what you play

b) Tune selection

c) Enjoying what your playing

D) Journey

d) Bringin life to the party

E) Hav I mentioned this before… Enjoying what you play and SHOW it!

Beat matching is over, technology now allow us to create and focus on the party! Do yourself an favour if your a budding DJ, check out Spencer Parker, Derrick May, Andrew Weatheral, Lee Burriage, and the other innovators, these guys rock a party, cause they have a party too …

Hopefully Click & Zoom will be joining that list real soon!!

Mr Robot


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