Making money out of music – Part 1

Isn’t that the dream for all us producers / artists out there?

Sure is, tea and croissants at the desk in the morning as we settle down to another productive day. Yet at the moment this idea seems further than ever from a possiblity. There’s no money in music… or so we’re told.

Over the next few post’s I’m going to talk about this and my experiences, results and hopes, hopefully people will comment and we can work together to step to some solution.

True sales are masively down, piracy is rife and no one seems to care about the poor artist struggling in his studio.

Lilly Allen finally sparked up for artists saying its a crime that people pinch our music in her blog

I couldnt agree more, for too long people like Jay z have been opening saying the days of getting paid for your music are over, fine when your already a multi-millionaire but what about the rest of us, he wouldnt be saying that if he was starting out. You make something, you own it, you have everyright to set the price which you are willing to sell or trade it. The common market dipicts what customers are willing to pay for it, its then up to you if you wish to trade at that value.

Fact is though the cliimate we live in now is what we have to deal with, and though i’ve yet to hear anyone admit it,
certainly in the electronic world we have devalued our own market by many keen intentions to get heard, get that gig, just to have people hear our creations. Not so long ago the release of the latest Global Underground mix Cd was a big event, and the DJ fortunate to be picked to mix the prize. The industry having only begun with Cold Cut and Sasha n Digweeds efforts less than a decade ago

Now with DJ’s sharing and pushing podcasts and mixes to everyone to promote their nite, their skills or jus to share, the market is distroyed.

The average dance music fan doesnt mix, tunes with lengthy intro and outro are fine for DJ’s but does miss smith really want it? nope. so by giving away our mixes we have distroyed our product. To all but the DJ and even then when you consider anyone reputatble get their music largely free through promo services, so that takes a large chunk of that market away, and then when you add in that most bedroom DJ’s will happily download from illegal fileshare sites and your left with a very small pie indeed…

For me the clear thing is you have to create a unique experience for the customer, how you do that in the current and future climates well, if you know the answer your going to be very rich!

I’d sure like to know or at least i intend to take steps in some direction and not rely on other or the current fuk up of a mess that beatport et all are. The current system doesnt work period! The download sites take a sale % cut comparable to vinyl yet the sale cost is alot lower and the label margin is even smaller it just doesnt add up. It seems to me the only people able to make money form music are those with infrastructure of support services, labels and musicians cant, but for the small percentage at the top. Selling direct from your site is one thing but we all know how lazy peoplpe are, they just dont want to be putting insales info at several sites to get tunes, they want one stop shops; the supermarkets have trained us for that…

It’s all about value, to sell your music you have to show how that music is going to add value to the persons life buying it, maybe status, fun, experience but whichever it must add value… so how do you make your music add value? and demonstrate that to people so they will buy it?

I’ve gota go to check out the Technique christmas party with Wolf + Lamb playing… will continue this over the coming days


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