Tolerance is the Key – N-Dubz let the scene down

It often amazes me how silly people can be in their reactions to meaningless things… such as words

Here in England, cross over urban act N-Dubz have just scored a major own goal. Singer Dappy reacted to a child texting Radio 1 when doing an interview by slyly taking the number and then subjecting the child to calls and finally a text threatening death!

Guardian article

They’ve made some decent beats for pop act to me, seems a real shame his action, I just hope its pressures of fame n delivering, and not that they’re previous actions on anti-cyber bullying were jus good PR!!

Really no matter how successful or not you become, people are always going to annoy you, often try n put you down due to their own fears and jealously, you just have to pass it by. As I’ve grown older one thing that I’ve realised we humans lack and what we often really need, is just simple tolerance. Tolerance of people differing tastes, tolerance of their actions, tolerance of people ignorance, tolerance of other religious views, tolerance of our own misunderstandings. It only with tolerance and considering things from the others view point can we truely move forward to a happy and war free future.

As the great George Clinton said… Free you mind and your ass will follow


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