Adding Value – It’s all about the musical experience for fans

Lady GaGa offers added Value album deals

Here at Forbbiden Fruit Recording’s we’re mulling over a couple of options to help bring in some much needed cash flow and keep our guys making the freshest beats.  I’ll be writing about those in the next few days. It’s a touch world out there, no mistake, next time you illegally download a track from a blog or use realplayers latest download function, think about the impact up the feed chain.

It’s not just us small guys who are feeling the pinch though, even Lady GaGa is exploring new markets. Currently the hot ticket is added value albums, where artist give something a little extra to their fans in return for higher prices. The sexy Miss GaGa’s deal is for the $114 album pack you get a lock of her hair and conversely DNA. Worry not for all you guys wanting a little more, once the world has woken up to our beats and we hit the Grammy and MTV awards, I’ll be sure to gab some souvenir underwear after I bag her at the after party ;p  they will be a little more than $114 tho haha

Guardian Article on added value CD albums

So what does this all mean? yeh there’s alot of bad shit going down in the music industry at the moment, but equally its a time of great opportunity, and I’m definitely a glass is half full kinda guy. To me the notion of giving the fans a real experience is great, I think the days of this been a music industry per say are over, its abit like the railroad industry, they thought they were selling the railroads, n hence have pretty much lost the battle to cars. Because, here’s the biggy there we selling transport, jus like cars! This is no different with music, we’re not the music industry, and separate to the movie industry or the games industry, we’re all in the same area. What we do is give people experiences. Hopefully great ones to escape the mundane and trudge of general life. Everyone wants to escape somewhere else for a while, i think its a natural human condition, even paris hilton wants more than normal life… we who make music are jus one party who provide that to people either through our music platforms or partys/shows.  So to me as the world evolves and become ever more interactive and instant, the fact that music should move with that and become an interactive experience is natural. check our RJDJ a great application that does just that. Now that isn’t going to work for everyone but certainly the idea that the musical experience is going to be unique each time and to that specific person is the future, how exactly it will roll out, well… who finds or discovers the new formular is going to be very rich indeed!

In the mean time the dinosaur are fighting around for the last grasps of oxygen. We’ve got our snorkel out and are adjusting the goggles to help us see a little better, its murky down here at the mo and we’re fumbling around little a teenager boy in with his first girl. But hey ya gota learn somehow! and sooner or later those shakey fingers are gona hit the magic button

From what we’ve seen and discussed, there a few things that are clearly going to happen in the near future

subscription music, one stop fee to either a label or maybe direct to artist (tho this has draw backs) or most likely major provider, whereby after you can access all the music you like. I can understand this in one point for the ipod generation, but for someone brought up on cd’s n vinyl, it hard to take. I like a physical product… but hey.  The problem I see with this is the sheer volume of plays you would need to make a living, it just doesn’t stack up, unless the artist is getting a reasonable price per play but that’s not going to happen.

The big thing pushed at the moment is the 360 degree deal, where the record label gets a cut of live gigs to supplement loss of earning. The trouble is that not all live gigs make money. As many a DJ or band will testify, alot of small gigs are for beer only. You can’t live on that? least not for long… So this also has its draw backs.

I like the idea of fans paying artist to do something special for them, but would this model work for all? it’s ok for random limited stuff but large scale, lots of musicans doing personal songs and visits for cash? I canit help feeling this is desensitise the whole relationship of fan and maker. Though in these celebrity obsessed times, i think there will be alot of takers for certain parts of the music world. Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese is doing lots of these things, $20,000 for a game of golf with him, $75,000 package he is offering – “s offering to join a fan’s band or be their personal assistant for a month, record a five-song EP based on their life story, and give them a flying trapeze lesson and a drum kit.” amazing!

I think I’d  let lady GaGa take me out to dinner for £5,000 and maybe I’d even give her a kiss, for and extra tenner I’d let her play with my disco …  (cue comic sound effect noise ala Monty Python)

Really your guess is as good as mine.

In truth i think over the coming couple of year’s it’s going to be interesting times, of us trying lots of things and seeing what works. I almost think it is going to go back to cottage industry ways, with some things working for a certain category of musician, and other for another, depending on the level of fame and support. Will this lead to musicians ‘selling’ out and making that one big cross over track to get into the next group ? i think that already happens, and really this is no different to any other job. It just often glamourised.

What wouldnt I do to help pay for me make music? … well I also say don’t draw the line then you can’t cross it… but in this case, i think the key is don’t do something that is going to screw up your identity, you can’t be alpha male producer if your stacking shelves to pay for it…

So… If your a producer reading this, take the hint, we DON’T sell music… we sell what it makes people feel!

We sell that special thing that makes people dream, go somewhere new, makes them see another angle, and escape the mundane, help someone else create an atmosphere, or tell a story. So when your thinking of a new money spinner… be careful that it doesn’t make you appear mundane… or value will soon fall away ;p

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