Mixcloud and Keeley Hazell Lynx Adverts…

I thought I would do a little post on Mixcloud in case you’ve not found it yet.

Not so long ago, Soundcloud came along and is now revolutionizing the online music world for producers.  No more endless adverts and spamming on Myspace, Soundcloud is now the place to promote your music and interact with other like-minded musicians and producers.  Well, the equivalent of Soundcloud for DJs is now here, and it seems like a sustainable way to share music too.

With Mixcloud the music is streamed across the internet to the listener and must be in mix format (no individual tracks).  The tracklists must be supplied by uploaders so that the number of plays on each song can be logged.  This helps Mixcloud determine distribution of royalties to the artists – just like conventional radio.

The only downfall is that the mixes are not downloadable – that’s necessary to prevent untracked sharing of the music.  However, this is not too much of an issue in today’s connected world (a Mixcloud iPhone app is likely to be out soon for listening on the move) and I feel this design will help correct distribution the royalties to the artists.

The Mixcloud search facility is great too (in contrast with that of Soundcloud, although they tell me that will be fixed sometime this month) returning any mixes and podcasts that contain the search terms.  E.g. type ‘Pryda’ into the search and you’ll get instant access to mixes containing tracks by Pryda or on the Pryda label.  Excellent.  Go check it out: www.mixcloud.com

One of the adverts that is currently doing the rounds on the mixcloud website is the new Lynx Twist featuring Keeley Hazell.

I thought this was worth a mention seen as they’re using a new kind of interactive viral campaign (combined with hot girls) to push their product.  You can go to their facebook page and play an interactive movie to try to keep Keeley interested in you.  Gratuitous use of the female form, but pretty amusing all the same!  An interesting style of marketing that will no doubt become more popular in the future…


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  1. #1 by Desmond Loftus on April 9, 2016 - 9:50 pm

    yo bro, I will just drop this website here.

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