What do you want more of in your life?

A bit of a deep one today…
When people are asked at the end of their life what they wish they’d done more of they invariably answer ‘spent more time with my family’, ‘taken more risks’ or ‘had more sex’.  All these equate to having more fun.
No one ever looks back and wishes they’d spent more time at the office, spent more time at the gym, accumulated more cash, although these can be useful for having fun.  Life is a balance – you have to do stuff you dont enjoy sometimes.  This is good for the brain as those are the times when you strengthen your will power.  Generally if you become more productive at the less enjoyable tasks then the productivity will carry across into the stuff you love.
So when you’re having to do stuff you dont necessarily want to, see it as a way of strengthening your mind for when you are doing what you do enjoy.  We cant be having fun all the time, but the way I see it we should be having the maximum amount of fun possible – without pickling our lovely little brains too much.
On that note I have a grand slice of audio fun for you here.  I heard this on Sarah Main’s Pacha radio show.  It’s Afrojack & Bobby Burns – Ghettoblaster, a great retro bassline and hook that cant help but make you smile.
Enjoy.  And then get back to work you reprobates! 😉

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