The art of songwriting – like Prince

Song writing genius

Back from a great sunday in the sun sipping some fine drinks, and I keep returning to a thought going through me in recently. After working on some disco edits to play out live, I’ve been trawling through and listening to loads of old classics – funk, soul, nourthern soul, rock etc and loving it. (currently loving indie darlings Delphic)
Listening to alot of old house, you find somegreat song structures, which frankly with the whole bore of lets be minimal got lost in the wash. But I think its coming back into favour.
I’ve heard some cool tunes recent with lots of nod to classic house sounds and whilst building through the track, have cool
hooks and verse, chorus, verse sections.
Prince is an amazing artist who combines great grooves, hooks, vocals with classical songs. You can pick up any of his albums up to  ‘Diamonds and pearls’ and be sure of some serious lessons in style. I made a great edit of ‘Sexy Muther fucker’ for a gig recently,  cutting up sections and layering them over a nice disco kick, cutting in and out between bare grooves and the vocal hook.  The girls love that shit!
As my own songwriting skills progress and im finding myself looking for more of a story journey in the tune, whilst also working the dancefloor! No mean feat i can say. but the journey is one I’m keen to continue on! I think the problem stems alot from the fact that many electronic musicians dont play instruments, or at least not competently. Thus they’re musical skills are limited to 4 note patterns and the like. It’s almost like where going through a cycle from where songwriting became frowned upon as the DIY punk ethic shone through and increasing computer power enabled anyone with a few pounds to make tunes. So the circle rotates and those budding musicians are searching more more ‘classical’ song influences and structures, myself included.
So for all you computer musicians, I recommend reading up on some good old theory to augement the sounds in your head.  Heres a couple of sites that will help lead you to the age of enlightenment
While imagination is king, a little knowledge goes along way ;p
If you come up with some great hooks and songs, be sure to send them through, we love hearing peoples productions, especially if inspired by a thread on here… Keep on Dancing

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