Hubble Telescope 20th Anniversary

“Why on earth is there a post about a telescope on a musik blog” I hear you ask.  Well, bear with me…

I am a physicist in my other life so I do like stuff like this.  The Hubble telescope has produced some of the most awe inspiring images ever seen.  And it also helps us see way back in time, to the beginning of the universe – not a bad thing when so many people wonder how we ended up here.

But I wanted to write a post on the slideshow on the BBC news website (link below).  There are images, which are amazing in themselves, but when they are accompanied by the music they become so much more.  Watching it becomes an emotional experience.  There’s a period in the middle when the music stops and the images suddenly seem two-dimensional, only brought back to life when the music starts again.  Music generally takes a back row seat when accompanying images, as in movies, because we are such visual creatures.  But the music is the driver of the emotion and the depth in the imagery; without it, the imagery loses much of its meaning.

Music, the salt and spice of life.  If only we could have a soundtrack to our lives.  But I guess having my earphones in for 16hrs a day constitutes a soundtrack 🙂

Here is the audio slide show, enjoy!


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