Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Antidote

Hello there,

I was stood in line at the post office today for about 20 minutes.  Behind me was a woman and her little girl.  In that space of 20 minutes I must have heard the mother tell the child to stop doing things about 50 times.  You may ask: “was she dowsing the place in kerosine?  Or biting people’s ankles?”.  No no,  she was leaning on the counter, flapping her arms about a bit and dancing a little.   What a little shit!  I sometimes wonder if parents get off on the power trip of being able to control their children??  Why else would you waste your time reprimanding a child for simply moving?  The thing that bothers me most is this constant ‘don’t do that’, ‘stop it’, ‘do as your told’ is damaging for a child in that it stops them from experimenting and being creative.  It makes them behave like little zombies (or send them the other way into nutters when they get free).  Maybe I’ll feel different when I have them, but surely it would be better to encourage them to be active and save telling them to behave for when it really matters – I’m sure they’d be much more likely to listen.

Well that had nothing to do with music, but important all the same!  Let’s check out a new release…

This is Antidote by Mark Knight and Funkagenda – two men at the top of their game at the moment.  I had the pleasure of chatting to Funkagenda at Beta Nightclub  in Denver last month.  One of my best nights out there, the place was going off.  This was one of the tracks he played:  good quality, dancefloor stomping house music.

You can buy it here

The riff melody in it kept reminding me of an old track.  I’m pretty sure it is Love Stimulation by Humate.  Here’s the Paul Van Dyk mix – skip to about a minute in and see what you think.  I feel a random mashup coming on!

Enjoy 🙂


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