Lange feat. Emma Hewitt – Live Forever (Mat Zo Dub)

Trance Energy

Most people into house are not big fans of trance.  But I am a rare bean that enjoys both –  after all it was Chicane ‘s “Offshore” that got me into this back in ’97.  Pop-trance, that arose from the popularity of trance in the nineties, gave trance a bad name.   Obviously there is a lot of cheesetastic trash out there in the land of trance, but the same can be said of most genres.  I was talking to a friend that went to the Anjunabeats and Digital Society party at the O2 academy in Leeds last week.  He pointed out that trance events always seem to knock the socks off house events, when they’re done well.  I have to agree.  I must say that the best events I’ve been to have all been trance – Godskitchen in Birmingham, Passion in Coalville, Trance Energy in Utrecht, Amnesia in Ibiza – all amazing nights, all mainly trance.  I think the thing with trance is that all the ‘cool factor’ of clubbing is stripped away and it’s just about having a great time.  Everyone facing the front, hands-in-the-air breakdowns, pounding beats and high energy.  You get that sense of oneness.   The current wave of massive house from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Dirty South, and Prydz is very trance-like in it’s formulation, and is bringing that ‘epic’ vibe to the house crowds – not a bad thing.  Ok, that’s enough trance love for one day.  Now to the tune…

I’ve just been checking out the Above & Beyond podcast (Trance Around The World) and was particularly enjoying this track.  Mat Zo always delivers – no wonder Tiesto had him warming up for him in Ibiza all season.  For a relatively young producer he has serious talent.  This remix is well balanced, great open sound, sweet synths, and not too many vocals.  Enjoy.


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