Featured Artist – Scott Harrington (Endemic Digital / City Soul Project)

For our latest featured artist post, we caught up with Endemic Digital’s Scott Harrington. A guy who’s been around the scene for while as a DJ, label owner and producer, and in the process put out some great tracks, and helped push some great artists who are rising up through the scene alongside him.  He’s got a new production project on the go and a bunch of hot tracks due to drop. So kick back and enjoy the chat…

When did did you start and one sentence summary of you history:

I had always been in to music from an early age, starting with the early Street Sounds and Hip Hop before progressing to house music in the late eighties. After saving and buying myself a pair of shoddy belt driven turntables, I got myself a pair of technics 1210s for my eighteenth birthday and never looked back since!

Best night of your life:

Had many, but the ones that stick out the most are usually more musically influenced as opposed to the clubs themselves. A few in particular include Satoshie Tommie @ Turnmills, a DJ called Justin Cantor who played at an event local to me called Perfect Virtue (his music selection was one of the best I have ever heard) and of course playing for the legendary Subliminal Sessions, headlining alongside Jose Nunez, that was awesome!

Music makes me … ?

Happy, complete and content! Music is an important factor of my life and if I’m not actually listing to it Im usually either thinking about it or doing some work thats in relation to it, like running and organising my label, Endemic Digital.
What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Beatport, eBay and Amazon, I still buy a hell of a lot of CDs and I’m always hunting out the unmixed gems

Where does your Inspiration for tracks come from?

I’m a big fan of the true US sounds of Deep House, Larry Heard, DJ Sneak, Kings of Tomorrow, Masters at Work, Onionz, Joeski as to me, these sounds and the era that they come from are unsurpassed and unbeatable. These were the golden years and Ryan Briggs (my production partner) and I try to capture a little of these moments with the City Soul Project, our production guise. It has to have an element of soul, funk and a slight feeling of nostalgia as like it or not, House music is in the commercial eye now so we like to link back to our roots of the underground.

If I could change anything I would …?

Well as a label owner I find it frustrating of the amount of blogsites out there that put our music up for free downloads, this will essentially be the industries demise and is not only an insult to the labels but the artists themselves who have put a lot of time, effort and creativity in to it. I read somewhere that a new technology is being introduced which marks the files and prevents them from being shared, I would be keen to implement that if I could. The other, which I feel is also detrimental to the scene is lazy ass promoters who would happily book a shit dj that brings 150 people to the following and leave out a uber talented DJ that could only bring a handful. Come on guys, get creative and get promoting its the DJs job to play music and the promoters to promote but it just seems the norm now for DJs having to do both jobs, sell tickets and organise coaches etc. As a result of this I’ve lost count of the amount of DJs I’ve heard playing peak time tunes at 10.30pm and putting them together like a road crash, yet the get booked as they bring numbers which is not good! I remember coming on after a DJ at 11pm who had being warming up, the clubs not even half full and he had the bpm pumping at 129bpm, suffice to say I slowed it right down and essentially started to warm up again, making his set pretty pointless. Im always happy to do a warm up and enjoy doing a 2-3 hour session, a lot of djs will swerve that slot thinking that peak time is the better slot (its an ego thing), whereas I disagree and think the warmup is the best slot as it sets the pace for the night and gives the headline act more room to manoeuvre and up the pace, it also gives me the chance to test out tracks and experiment. I usually start off at anything between 109-115bpm and then hand over at around 125bpm and have always been complimented for that.

Favourite Production toy & why:

Well asides from Logic 9, Im also really starting to get in to Traktor and have been exploring that. Whether we like it or not, its the future and it opens up the levels of creativity. I have just bought the midi controller for it and its really starting to open my mind and I’ve been enjoying using it, it gives me more time for music selection which is essentially what its all about. A lot of DJs will disagree and be against laptop DJ’ing and will essentially be left behind in the years to come. I can mix on all three formats, vinyl, cd and now digital so Im comfortable with my abilities.

Favourite producer:
I’ve always been a big fan of Kevin Yost, Lawnchair Generals and DJ Sneak but also really like the producers of today too such as Aki Bergen, Jimpster, Dirt Crew, Roberto Rodriguez and also some of our label artists too, who are really starting to turn heads, Elliot Wright, Greg Mak, Nik Frattaroli, Analog Effekt, Mitch Davis and my good friend Scott Langley too, who’s shear determination and passion for the industry is second to none and what he had achieved in just under two years is amazing!

Tip for budding producers:

Well one is to try and stick with your sound and try and develop it before actually putting anything out, be 100% happy with it before starting to shop it. I’m a victim of not following that advice and  I hate 90% of what I have put out under my own name as its not really my sound. Hence the City Soul Project, this is our sound and we spent best part of a year developing it and are now proud to be signed to some really credible labels, Sure Player, Drag and i! Records.

Plans for the future:

Endemic Digital is now running at a steady rate and we are developing our artists and really starting to establish the Endemic Digital vibe. We have a LIVE DJ mix from Moonface set for release later this year which is a live showcase of the imprint creatively pieced together on the fly. We also plan to really start pushing the City Soul Project with some more releases, some remixes for some high end producers and some summer gigs, including Ministry of Sound, London on August 6th, Hush Club, Ibiza on 8th September and a City Soul Project pool party on the 10th September at Kanya Beach Bar, Ibiza where we’ll be warming things up for Pete Tong’s Wonderland!

Thanks for the time and thoughtful words Scott, to listen to some of Scott’s productions and releases on his label check out the links below


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