Bonn Lewis – Remote EP

Last week I was sent a few promo EPs and decided to review this one.  A great package forthcoming on Filthbox records, with a remix for everyone.  But i’ll keep it brief as music is for listening to, not talking about – here’s a clip of each of the tracks to listen to while I rant…

The original treats us to a melodic intro.  Now I know this can piss DJs off, but for me it can be the difference between a track that passes you by and one that grabs your attention.  This is the latter.  Solid beats and percussion accompany the melody.  I have to say this is my favourite of the bunch.
For the progressive house lovers, UruMusicArt slip in a deeper remix, with a lovely retro feel to it.  M.T.C. delivers a proggy take on the original with a surprisingly acoustic breakdown.  Soothing stuff.
For the less melody enthused Alex Grekov provides energetic tech beats and bleeps while OniMe gives us a more electro take – something that would definitely fit well with the popular sound in my current hometown of Denver.
Out in Beatport now: (and all other stores August 12th)

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