Moodymann and the art of being a dude!

The joys of a mate posting on facebook put me onto this cracker of a interview with legendary producer – Moodymann – from the Red Bull Academy series.  A guy who doesn’t play by the rules, does his thing and produces some amazing music in the process. This interview is great not for his indepth review of how to get his sound or anything geeky stuff but jus for the guy’s sheer Dudeness.

Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann oozes what it take to be unique. He is what he is, he doesnt try copying or faking, he jus expresses his own vibe. That what people love, not everyone is gona love that vibe but plenty will. As an artist it’s often the hard part, finding your mojo, your vibe, your funk and having the balls to go out there and put them on the line and express it… this interview is great cause as Kenny says, it aint what ya got … it’s how you use it. You don’t need the latest version of X, or this new synth by Y, jus learn and understand the tools you have and work your soul into them…

Get yourself a drink, kick back and enjoy

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