Great Accapellas – Hospital Records collection of accapellas released

All you budding producers out there looking for some killer accapellas to use in your sets, edits or new productions… can do no wrong in hunting down a copy of a great accapella collection released by Drum and bass premier label – Hospital Records.

They’ve been releasing some killer cuts for about 15yrs now, and in that time have used some seriously classy vocalists like Dianne Charlemagne,  Natalie Williams, Ian Shaw, Jenna G and long time London Elektricity collaborator Liane Carroll.

If you listen through the tracks there are host of harmonies, catchy phrases and vocal sounds to help provide inspiration on your track. It is an often forgot task in electronic music to use classy vocals, but it immediately elevates the producer to another class in my mind. It’s a difficult task getting the right words and making them work with your track, let alone dealing with singers gentle ego! While your learning your trade, accapellas are a great way to see what works and how the vocals interact with a track. What you don’t want to do is a cheese cross over style with vocals slapped on top of a great instrumental. That’s just lazy and does you know favours. The vocals must, excuse the pun, talk with the music. That means riffs flowing into the vocals and space in the mix so the vocals cut through and then lead the listener into the next element of music.  When we hear a voice in a track we connect on another emotional level with the music, it has that instant familiarity that electronic music can often lack. Hospital did a wise thing in having alot of vocal cuts, the ladies love them too! it tells a nice story and draws them along while the bass make them shake!  Apex -Space between, Cyantifics – don’t follow, these have some great harmony’s to get you going.

Check the link below to take you to Hostipal Records release page where you can hear samples and buy from their own webstore.

Hospital Records Acapella Album

When you’ve made some great tracks with them send them through, we’d love to hear your efforts and if we like them we’ll be sure to help you get them released!


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