Masterful Mixing: Dark Makes The Light Brighter

Hernan Cattaneo - Parallel

Mixes are a journey.  Not just a string of big hits.

I think this gets forgotten in our bite-sized, on-demand, have-now-pay-later culture.  Patience is a virtue and great DJs still know this.

I’m currently listening to Hernan Cattaneo – Parallel, part of the magnificent Renaissance Masters Series (one of the few CD series I still like to have a physical copy of).  He winds a journey, and at about 60 minutes I get agitated, as it feels like it has been melacholic for too long and I’m aching for something else.  And then it happens, the mood shifts and for the last 20 minutes I’m treated to some blissful electronica, concluding with one of Sigur Ros’ finest tracks.

Without that passage through the deep and dark, the light at the end of the tunnel would never seem as bright.  But unfortunately a lot of mixes I hear are these days aren’t like that, they’re just a series of bright flashing lights until you go blind and desensitized.

So, DJs, please resist playing to bite-sized sets for the masses.  And, masses, please have the patience to be taken somewhere special by the DJ.  Trust the DJ.  If they are good, it will be worth it.

Here is a link to the album in question:

Hernan Cattaneo – Parallel

And here is a great track from the album for you to have a sneaky peaky of:


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