Are you leveraging your best music Assets?

Prince and revolution
We all have strengths and weakness’es, and unless your name is Prince, you arent going to be capable of genius in all areas of music. Even Micheal Jackson used producers to realise his vision. Often what sets apart the pro’s from the also rans is the ability to recognise their own strengths and to supplement their weaknesses.
Success is all about leveraging your best assests and supplementing your weaknesses.
Maybe your a melody man, so find someone to work with who can add world class percussion, or vise versa. Your good at the blag and have ideas? find a musician. You make music but dont DJ? get a DJ into your production team. Only a fool thinks their great at it all and refuses help. Be honest, assess your skills and strengths, and go out and find people to complement you.
SWOt analysis is great basis for this type of thing.  Working in a team is not only more fun, its also super effective. It doesnt have to be another ‘team’ like at work, where your pitted with retards you’d never chat with otherwise so dont let those experiences put you off.
Forums and your local music shop (if your lucky enough still have one!) or clubs are greta places to meet like minded musicians
I’m a big positive thinking fan and I find if I set it in my head I’d like to meet such a type of person invariably they tend to show up in the not too distant future…

Work smart… not hard ;p


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