Why DJ MAG Top 100 is load of Bolloxs

Vote Darzh Liebek

So its that time of year again, to chart up who is apparently the ‘Best’ DJ in the world, and my inbox and the forums (along with anywhere else) become spammed with emails of people pleading you to vote for them…  very few things piss me off. This happens to be one of them.

Call me a cynic or is this  just a big PR blag, and the winner is the one with the best marketing strategy or most in the face of the masses with commerical cross over tracks or sets of big anthems.  If for nothing else than theyre on peoples minds when they can be arsed to do the couple of clicks to vote, or all they’re mates who jus wana munch class A’s are telling them are great.

That’s not DJing to me, the real DJ’s that are often playing at the smallest venues and pushing boundary’s or really working crowds with real musical knowledge, rarely get a look in.

a) Surely anyone that has to go hammering around asking you to vote for them, clearly isnt good enough to be in your consious to start with

b) If you need a list to tell you your good your clearly not

c) Can you really rank something as subjective as musical taste?

The Sun newspaper is the biggest selling daily in England, so realistically the best by popularity. It’s reading age is about that of an 8 year old, is full of either poeple slagging others off, tits, football, more tits, and made up scandal stories. By sales this is the best paper. I’d rather not read or chop some part of my anatomy off than be subjected to reading that with any frequency other than utter boredom.

In short to me this is just pointless triviol bollox, I wish it even got people talking about the unknowns but the best i can say so far for this years contest is the attempt to get Jimmy Saville voted number one! I couldnt possibly comment if i voted for that ;p

Come on DJ Mag, fuck off the tired format and bring out something spicey, something that will expose the countless hundreds of DJ’s around the world that do it cause they love it, generally get fuck all love (but some dj slag at the end of the night), put serious time into making their sets unique to get people dancing their arses off,  and start educating people on the art of DJing and working a crowd.

for the record some of the DJ’s I’ve seen/heard this year who consistently rock it for me in way work the crowd, try something fresh and push the boundaries are as followings, in no way any order of preference – darius syrossian & nyra, James holryd, fakeblood, soul clap, justin martin, claude vonstroke, darzh liebek, gui borrato, jamie jones, any various random people often unknown at the time as ive danced away spangled to great tunes and a musical journey.

If theres one thing you take from the chart, go check the names you don’t know and havent had pushed down your throat as the new big thing… or if you want to see a pic of darzh’s scrotum, vote darzh ;p

time for a brew… Mr Robot


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