The one who isn’t easily replaced

As we all navigate our way through the jungle of producing and releasing music keeping your finger on the marketing pulse is essential. One of the blogs I subscribe to and recommend you guys do too is written by marketing guru Seth Godin.

One of the key themes in his theory is the drive to be unique, how in the current world of instant access and information you have to be remarkable to sit above the noise. I totally agree. Most things have already been dong even if they’re new to you! Generations forget and the futures relearn, at best adding their own twist. Swedish house mafia have added a a fresh twist to big room house with helping to bring back big riffs, Armand Van heldon continues to work magic with 1/2bar based samples, kerian hebdon makes music like no one else, they’re all unique.

The following post from Seth Godin on his blog today is something I felt quite apt and a good way of introducing you to his blog. njoy

Seth godin – One who isn’t easily replaced post:

The law of the internet is simple: either you do something I can’t do myself (or get from someone else), or I pay you less than you’d like.

Why else would it be any other way?

Twenty years ago, self-publishing a record was difficult and expensive. A big label could get you shelf space at Tower easily, you couldn’t. A big label could pay for a recording session with available capital, but it was difficult for you to find the money or take the risk. A big label could reach the dozens of music reviewers, and do it with credibility. Hard for you to do that yourself.


Now when someone comes to a successful musician and says, “we’ll take 90% and you do all the work,” they’re opening the door to an uncomfortable conversation. The label has no assets, just desire. That’s great, but that’s exactly what the musician has, and giving up so much pie (and control over his destiny) hardly seems like a fair trade.

Multiply this by a thousand industries and a billion freelancers and you come to one inescapable confusion: be better, be different or be cheaper. And the last is no fun.

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