Cant get the sound sample you want? here is the answer

How many times have you heard that killer sample being played on youtube? some spoken word, ambience, song or lyric and struggled how to get it into your DAW ?

Well I have I can tell you, realplayer had a nifty little gadget for a while but I still had some conversion to do, and now their ripper is only part of the payfor player.  Well we stumbled upon a great little site the other day and just had to share it

Listen to Youtube

It allows you to put the link in to the video you want to take the audio from, and with the click of a button, kaazam, produces lovely quality mp3 of the audio within. All you then have to do is click through the download button. Winner!

Then take the sound and drop it into your composition. It been great way to grab old jazz records and performances to pepper remixes and live sets with. If you cut up some 4 and 8 bar loops your ready to go with your DJ sets, wheather your using Ableton Live, Tracktor S4 or Scratch. It’s those little magic elements that make the crowds nite and set you apart!

Would be great if we could chose wav option but as yet its not available,

Obviously don’t go pinching whole songs, or other artist work but sound bits, lyrics and words, its all good ;p

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