How to get yourself heard: Less Is More

Continuing our trend of giving Seth Godin‘s marketing advice a music industry spin, I wanted to post a little on the old maxim “less is more”.

In my daily internet trawl I found an interesting piece on something that bothers me and certainly other artists out there too.  With the digital age it is easy and cheap to put music out there, but there are consequences.  The volume of music and emails and advertisements and facebook messages serve to desensitize everyone to the information.  DJs I know no longer look forward to checking their promo mailouts, listeners probably wont open most of the messages they are sent about the music, nevermind the track itself, even if it’s free.  Most labels are putting out more and more releases because each track stays on the front page for only a few minutes nowadays.  But at the same time they are inadvertently watering down what they do release – people subconsciously value something less if it is abundant.

I guess I need to give a solution after having complained.  So what do you do?  My solution is to go back to the less is more model.  Fewer units, but of exceptional quality.  I have a theory that you need three big ones in a row.  If someone likes the first song/release/mix they hear of yours they will probably forget your name.  The second time they will realise they’ve heard of you before but pursue no further.  And the third time they will be a fan of your work.  These have to be sequential – sloppy work in between will only lengthen the process.

The noise levels certainly are cranked right up at the moment, but consistent, well timed quality will punch through and get you the credit you deserve.


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