Food to get your studio session cooking

Forbidden FruitIt Christmas time and the season of endless best of lists, after a super productive studio session yesterday I thought I’d tell you guys about something more interesting. Forget all those dull as polls of top ten tracks or best labels, bullshit. Taste is so subjective and music as a mood enhancer / changer is just not a thing to be rated in that way in my humble opinion. I like to leave the polls to the masses who need reassurance they have some taste.

That something more interesting is how you can ensure your studio session goes off with a bang, Swedish house Mafia and laidback luke don’t make bombs sat around eating cornflakes. Yep you need to fuel that brain of yours, kick start the turbo and keep it firing on all cylinders the whole time if you really want rock the dancefloor. Imagine how excited you are when your busting out moves? So how do you expect to make bombs to make others do that if your sloping around like a sloth? you aint.

Check the list below for some essential foods to keep you rushing in the studio.

Top 5 Food to get your studio session in the

1) Jelly Babies – You cant beat this shit for pound to pound sugar high!

2) Yorkshire Tea / Green Tea – drip feeding the turbo

3) Bananas – I love these in toasty sandwich with raspberry jam. WINNER!

4) Lamb Tikka Dansak – simple, spicey and with superfood pineapple. cant go wrong

5)  Eggs – we call this the foetus drink. Crack 4-6 eggs into a glass and down it. feel the charge!

If I was to extend on this I would have to mention a couple of pharmaceuticals the mighty swedish tobacco – SNUS (When I played with Eric Prydz at Digital those guys were nailing the stuff) and Modafinil

Feel to tell us what works for you in the comments section


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