Artist Spotlight: Telagraf – The Sound Of Electro Pop

It’s time we shed a bit of light on some new artists.  Telagraf are an electro pop duo from NYC, their fresh sound pricked up Mr Robot’s ears and he managed to get hold of them for a quick but great interview.  Below is my favourite pick from their Unboxing EP – hit play on the track and soak it up while you read their views on music and people that don’t put hands over their mouth when they cough.  (This track is kindly being given away free – if you like it, the download link is at the bottom of this post)

How did things all get started?

Todd: I had been trying for a very long time to make something happen with my little songs, bouncing from one project to the next, without success. Finally I decided to give up and turn towards drinking, fortunately Thea had been on a similar path and found herself pressed up against the same bar I was, at some point the conversation turned to music and the rest as they say is, h-i-s-t-o-r-y

Best night of your life:

Todd: It’s coming, it’s in the mail and there’s no stopping it, when pen meets paper and we sign the label deal, that will be the best night, also last Tuesday we ordered in Dominos Pizza and that wasn’t bad.

Music makes me … ?

Todd: Angry, I mean when it’s bad I just want to press my fingers into my ears and push, until they meet, but when it’s right, like say, the latest Civil Twilight LP, It inspires in such a overwhelming way that’s hard to put into words. Listening to good music definitely makes me want run directly to the studio and lay down new tracks. There’s no better feeling.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Todd: I am entirely absorbed with reality TV, It’s almost impossible to find a show I won’t watch.

Where does your Inspiration for tracks come from?

Todd: Well, we both have stacks of personnel issues that we must work through and want to explore lyrically, so guess you would say our personal lives inspire the tracks as I’m sure it does with many artists. When writing new songs we strive to do that in the most basic straight forward honest way and we hope comes across in the music.

If I could change anything I would …?

Todd: Just so many things, many things; American Education, Lobbyists, Unlimited Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns, For Profit Heath Care, 24 Hr News Stations, Massive economic disparity, People who cough without covering there mouths, many things.

Favourite Production toy & why:

We are in love with “Reason” it’s a very robust sequencer ( we did our entire latest EP using it ) We do, however like to keep things fresh and to keep evolving, so with our next project we’re considering using Ableton Live to see how it compares, maybe even getting one of those Novation Launchpad midi controllers. I saw a demo of one those a few months back and have been wanting to put one though its paces ever since.

Favourite producer:

For years it was Butch Vig who helped realise the vision for ‘Nevermind” “Gish” and “Siamese Dream” classic recordings, but lately I can’t really say I favor any one in particular. I think this is because in today’s music, in which the emphasis of the single is of paramount importance over full length LPs, the iconic producers voice has become somewhat lost and diluted.

Tip for budding producers:

Todd: One hour per day. It’s great to put in all night secessions and work constantly project to project, but that’s also a good way to get burnt out and kill your ears, however if you put in an hour day, you’ll be completely surprised on how much you’ve accomplished in just a few weeks time.

Plans for the future:

Todd: As of now we’re planning for success. That means we’re gonna keep our heads down, keep our nose to the grindstone and other cliches too, working as hard as we can making great music. Our EP “Unboxing” has been extremely well received and we really want to build on that.


band site:


Amazon ( Audio CD ):

Free MP3 Track Download (“Tell Me That”): telagraf4u

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  1. #1 by jahkova on February 2, 2011 - 7:22 am

    Hey! I love this one. Adding it to the Ro Ro right NOW!

    • #2 by lostinmusik on February 18, 2011 - 11:35 pm

      Thanks man, they’re a cool group, glad to introduce you both ;p. so love her vocals…

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