Artist Spotlight: Drop Out Orchestra

Recently featured on BBC Radio 1 Pete Tong’s essential selection with their rework of Daft Punk – Around The World (Drop Out City Rockers – International Track) and also featured in the lovely Louche Podcast series, Lost In Musik decided to track down these elusive Swedes for a chit-chat.  And as if we didnt already think they were a great bunch they’ve given us an exclusive track for us to share with you 😉  Click play below and read on…

Where did it all begin?

I started playing records at school dances in the mid 80s and released my first 7″ back in 1989, since then I’ve been involved in many different projects – Drop Out Orchestra being the most recent.

Best night of your life:

Oh that’s difficult… it would have to be one of those party nights in south London about a decade ago, where I met my wife. That or last weekend when we, the orchestra that is, played to a fantastic crowd in Istanbul!

Music makes me … ?
A better person, I guess.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Probably hair metal. I like Van Halen.

Where does your inspiration for tracks come from?

From good nights spent on the dancefloor. Or the memory of, rather. I don’t get out much these days except when I’m working.

If I could change anything I would …?

I’d make all those cheesy house producers come from Denmark.

Favourite production toy & why:
I like am-phibia from Samplitude. There must be ten or twenty of those on every track I make, it just makes everything sound better.

Favourite producer:
I don’t know… I don’t really care about producers that much. Phil Spector was great. Is he still in jail?

Tip for budding producers:
Learn the basics, don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t do. And take more drugs.

Plans for the future:
We’re gonna give more music away for free. And we want to get out and play more, there’s nothing like when you connect with a crowd in a club. And I might lose the beard this weekend.

Upcoming releases:
Drop Out Orchestra – West Gothic Climax (incl Dana Bergquist & Peder G Remix) [DROP OUT]
:Kinema: – My Beautiful Machines (Drop Out Orchestra Remix + Dub) [HOT POCKETS]
Mario Basanov – Lonely Days (Drop Out Orchestra Remix + Dub) [NEEDWANT]

Follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud, they give out a lot of free tracks, spiffing!

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