Music to inspire you – Andrew Bayer and electronica

I was scanning some of the DJ charts on Beatport and came across a few producers who’s charts didnt really match what they’re known for.  One of the main ones was Andrew Bayer who is known for his collaborations with BT and Anjunabeats releases.  He has a top quality progressive house/trance sound with a real intelligent design, but his chart is populated by electronica, not the usual 4/4 beat tracks.

In the past I’ve often found this the hallmark of great producers – they can make great dance music but they spend a lot of their time listening to sounds from others.  Electronica (when done well) is like the jazz of the electronic world – massively creative and almost elitist.  But if you can find the gems and draw inspiration from them to create something that smashes the dancefloor you will set yourself apart from the rest.

Here at Lost In Musik, Mr Robot has been delving deep into classic hiphop and getting in touch with his gangstaa side for some of his current projects – what better place to look for block-rocking drum programming and sampling?  And I’ve been getting my disco on, listening to those soaring strings and killer riffs that make the shoulders sway and a smile appear.

So by all means listen to the music you’re making, but take the time to venture off the well worn path and sample the gems of other genres.

Below’s the link to Andrew Bayer’s Chart, and watch out for his new Distractions EP that was aired on Above & Beyond’s radio show last week, pure soundscape class.

DJ Chart – Andrew Bayer

And here’s what’s rocking my basement right now, the timeless sounds of Nightmares On Wax…


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