The things that make Music Timeless

I’ve been doing quite abit of travelling lately, London and Lisbon most recently, and I’ve been trying to use the time to find new inspirations to drop into my productions. Something I’m really feeling at the moment is alot of swing, R&B and Hiphop, liking the slow beats and plenty of bass! I don’t think I’ve listened to as much hip hop since GrandCentral showed the world how the UK did it!

Anyways, found range of killer tracks that jus blew me from old Frank Sinatra to Kanye West, to Adelle. It got me thinking about commonality between timeless tracks.  Regardless of genre, tempo or age, the two things I distilled to this little phrase

“Timeless music is both succinct and captivating”

Succinct – you might ask “what do you mean?” – well I’m referring to the riffs, the words, the space, the way the music is expressed. We humans are simple things, and all the memorable tunes are succinct enough for us to remember, even the great classical pieces have succinct motifs within the larger more elaborate composition. The same is said for say Swedish House Mafias 2010 hit One, or a classic Tenaglia 11min D-Tour, Sex Pistols or The Jam.

The succinctness also helps with the captivation too.

So when you analysing your latest production, stop for a moment and think, be brutal, be honest, put yourself in someone elses shoes and ask – “Is this going to captivate them like I want it too?”

When you next hear something that makes your jaw drop, contemplate the same thing of that music.

Here’s some classic Sinatra to bring a smile to your day,  the class of this guy is beyond timeless! Man I wish I could of partied with him and the rat pack, even just for one night! Boy would that of been a night!!. Listen to the evolution of the riff throughout …

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