Firestarter: Musical Inspiration From Deepchild

We’re launching a new bi-weekly series here on Lost In Musik. The series will see us posting one of five questions asked to a wide range of respected electronic music producers, with the aim of sharing some words of wisdom. Aptly named “Firestarter” we hope the series will cast some light on the producers’ studio trickery whilst inspiring you with your own creative mojo.

Kicking things off we’re proud to bring you some insights from one electronica’s finest lights, purveyor of an unimaginably eclectic array of killer productions, all drenched in sublime sounds and raw electronic soul – please welcome Deepchild…


Q: For you, what is the key difference between a good track and an amazing track?

Deepchild: “Personally, I feel like I’ve made very few ‘amazing’ tracks, but the tracks of others I might describe this way all possess a sense of elegance, of space, of intention and room for the listener to ‘fill in’, with their own imagination – the narrative, the story.

Amazing tracks tend to possess a certain timeless grace – rather than adhering to production fads for the sake of them. Amazing tracks, to me, seem to allow a certain vulnerability of the artist to emerge – they invite and seduce the listener, rather than beating them over the head with smug self-satisfaction. Honesty. Bravery. Celebration.“


Wise words indeed from the Australian super-producer!  You’ll be able to find the rest of Deepchild’s answers in the free eBook to be released this summer.

If you’re new to his sound you can find his releases scattered across top labels like Trapez, Anabatic, Future Classic, Affin, Get Physical, Breakout Audio and Forbidden Fruit. A producer I stumbled upon returning from a season boarding in Canada to head to the mighty “Exit festival” in Serbia, and have been an avid fan of his output ever since.

This is one of my favourites from a while back, always a great late night track. Such deep and intricate beats and sounds, coupled with an amazing vocal.

And here’s a recent mix he did for a rather funky little Seattle blog called Plasmodium:

Further adventures in the world of Deepchild can be found on his blog at,

Watch out for forth coming release with Trapez out in April, with remixes from Lucas from Zombie Disco Squad and Sacha Robotti. You can catch him spinning his magic at the mighty Berghain on July 2nd, and at several shows coming up in Switzerland, San Francisco (Kontrol), Idaho (Esthetic Evolution Festival), Seattle (DECIBEL Festival), and many more across Europe.



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  1. #1 by dj Nikki Flame on April 29, 2011 - 7:51 pm

    Firestarter…great name and also the name of my mix series on Mixcloud…Firestarters…tunes that get the blood rushing and the Fire in your heart raging..:-) xxxxxxxxxxx

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