Getting your value into the red zone

There was an eccentric guy I used to work with in engineering a while back who always joked about ‘adding value’. It turned into a bit of an in-joke between us that was great to drop in meetings to add some comedy to otherwise prosaic affairs. However, it really isn’t a joke. In any relationship people /products need to be adding value for it to be sustainable.

Are you adding value, bringing value or expecting to gain value ?

This is a key concept in life, not only music. Master it and it will bring you great times, ignore it and suffer the consequences.

If you looking to release on an established label, ask yourself what are you offering them? It’s a business relationship, and in the current climate of small reward for music sales, your music alone is not enough.  If your track sounds like an existing established artist why would someone sign it? They’ll go for the known artist every time; you’re merely expecting to gain free value from them.

As much as you are an artist, your music is a business. Approach each each interaction as a business deal, think about what you can bring to the bargaining table to benefit your prospective partner. The best situations are win:win scenarios for both.  So if you want to win by releasing your great music on a great label, you need to bring more to the table than a good production, bring assets that are going to help them reach their goal.

Thinking like this when you market yourself and your music will soon get your results in the red zone. At the very least it will make you realise the areas of your business you need to develop to get you in the red zone. Good luck and be sure to hit us up with details of your progress and success, we love hearing how Lost In Musik has helped you guys achieve the next step.

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