jozif – happening upon a true artist

Rewind back to Miami Music Week.  I’m a bit pickled from sunshine and partying and I’m stood filming at the Listed Plays It Safe at Hotel Victor.  It’s a laid back vibe at the tail end of a cool pool party and I mention to the guy stood to the side of the decks how much I love the new Sergio & Benoit track.  He points out it is someone else.  I think I’m right so we agree to disagree.

We get chatting about music and Leeds, life and love, flip-flops and athlete’s foot – you know, one of those deep but humorous conversations.  He is a proper sound guy, one of those people you definitely remember meeting – a shared love of Leeds probably helps.  Late on I find out he is called ‘jozif’.  Ah, I remember my mate at said to watch out for him DJing.  I’ve not really heard of him before.  I catch up with him at the epic Get Lost party the following morning where he’s playing (a great set) and partying with all the big tech dogs – Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Lee Foss, Craig Richards.  I’m chatting to Bloody Mary who points out she’s signed jozif to her label (Dame-Music).  How come I don’t know who this guy is? Hmm. Anyway, a good time is had by all in the sunshine and we swap details so we can catch up for a beer sometime back home and I mention that we should get in the studio.

Here’s a vid from the Get Lost party (that I was at from 6am ’til 6pm) – I dont have a decent one from during jozif’s set, this one of Matt Tolfrey captures the party vibe well though:

Fast forward a couple of weeks to last night.  I’m trawling the Bedrock forum and I see he’s playing the big Bedrock bash in London this April.  Then I see he’s done Diggers Transitions guest mix.  How the hell have I missed this guy??  I proceed to listen through his entire soundcloud.  Magnificent.  Sublime sounds ranging from deep tech to almost euphoric disco.

This guy – that I spilled JD all over and offered to hang out with in the studio – turns out to be one of the freshest artists I’ve heard in a long time.  To be honest, this guy makes the music I wish I made.  It reminds me of the feeling when I used to skip school and catch the bus to Bradley’s Records so I could see if a new import had come in from one of my favourite artists.  I’m going to have to prove how good he is now so here’s a couple of clips:

And a stellar mix on Buzzin’ Fly shifting from deep to euphoric beautifully…

There is so, so much more where that came from – go check him out here.  Not that he needs any more followers when he has John Digweed, the DJ’s DJ, singing his praises.  If I could buy shares in people, it would be this guy.

jozif, I salute you sir.

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