Firestarter: words of wisdom from Pezzner

Here at LostinMusik we are hyped to have some fine words from super producer Dave Pezzner in the musical inspirations book, this week we’re going to share a couple of his responses.

What inspires you to make music?

I really love sound.  I’m obsessed, so it doesn’t take much to get my mind to go off on a musical tangent, and I’m constantly working on music in my head even when I’m not in the studio. Usually its the little things outside the studio that get me thinking about music.  Like sometimes when I’m in a restaurant and there’s the clutter of the restaurant staff, and chatter from the other guests, the phones ringing, and the silverware scraping against the plates… sometimes I try to focus on all of it equally – like its all one combined sound and I’ll find music in there somewhere. I also hear music in the vacuum cleaner and the refrigerator.  My vacuum cleaner is D Major and when I clean the living room it turns into a section of distorted Mellophones and Vienna horns Violas and Moogs playing all the notes of the Pentatonic Scale.  When I listen to the refrigerator I hear something moody and dissonant and suspenseful. I also hear music in the shower, boiling water, my own footsteps and the fireplace and everywhere else.

If you could pass on just one production tip, what would it be?

Don’t lose your shit.  Back up your drive.

Awsome words there from Dave. Many thanks for him talking time from his busy schedule to talk to us. A vacuum cleaner in D Major who would of thought! Darzh can relate to that one, myself I’m always looking for rhythmic patterns in whatever I’m doing, tapping on keys, or driving down the motorway with the wipers on. It’s a strange world but as Pezzner says that’s where the inspiration is to be found.

You can check out more of Pezzner’s fine releases on Freerange Records here, if you find some you like share the love and buy them. I always find endless intricacy in his tracks. Since picking up the promo I’ve been endlessly playing his remix of Michelle Owens – Dee & Deaf, out on the excellent Lost My Dog label. Here Pezzner took an electro swing style original track and turned it into a jacking deep house track. Full of sounds, fills and efx layered over a simple but ever so hooky pad riff. Great tension in the arrangement too. You can check it out here at the LMD website

Also recently released in the excellent Tronicsole Session Selection; mixed by Pezzner.

Pezzner on Myspace


You will find the rest of Pezzners excellent interview in our ‘Firestarter’ ebook later this year. Look out for interview excepts  in coming weeks from producers like Darius Syrossian, Sonny Wharton, Phil Weeks to Marco V…  If you find the words inspiring hit us up, we’d love to hear about it

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