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Going down to groove town – Groove in Ableton Live 8

You may or may not know that Ableton has a groove pool from which you can pick a template that will apply velocity and swing to your midi.  Groove is essential in music, but the amount of groove required depends on the genre.  The faster the BPM, the less room there is for groove, so you’ll find that anything 138BPM or above generally has very limited groove and more militant percussion.  Down below 128BPM there is much more room for swing and groove in the percussion. Read on…


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Mount Kimbie Live Concert – Drum machines, MIDI and EFX

Awesome 20minute live concert of electronic/dubstep outfit Mount Kimbie playing live – triggering samples from drum pads and MIDI controllers, then layering with a live drum and guitar to … Read on…

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Is your artist image adding or subtracting the cool? Part 2

Finally the second in this series looking at lessons to be learnt in how you manage your musical artist image from the awesome double page adverts for the fashion house Dunhill; as part of their ‘Voices’ campaign. The second advert features the actor Harland Miller. Whilst reading this take time and think how does it impact on […]

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The all new Beatport site is unveiled!

Just after writing a post on the mess Beatport was in regarding charts and genres (here), Lost In Musik gets some interesting news in our inbox – an update to Beatport. It’s been over two years since Beatport updated their website.  And here we have a sneaky peeky of what’s to come.  I’m still having […]

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Want to make more music? Time to get a sweat on!

When asked what how to become more productive, billionaire Richard Branson sat back on his private island and thought for a moment.  His response was short: “Work out.” He claims exercising gives him a whopping four hours of extra productivity.  if this sounds crazy, think how much time you waste doing trivial, unnecessary tasks that […]

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A short one on what really matters

A short one today. There is one thing you can be sure of in this life, and that’s that you have a finite amount of time.  Think about what is important to you, what is important to those around you, and fill your life with it.  On the days you cant be arsed, give yourself […]

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Is there a correct key to write dance music in? The short answer is yes.

WE HAVE MOVED, PLEASE HEAD OVER HERE, THANKS!: http://www.lostinmusik.net/?p=1117 When you’re bashing out (composing) your next dance floor smasher, should you be concerned with what key it is in?  The answer is yes, and for more than one reason. You have to consider two things, firstly: 1. What key are other tracks written in? This question […]

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