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Want make more music? Say hello to your enemy: Perfection

It’s great to strive towards the perfection that the voice in your head tells you about, but the reality is you will never get there. Never. The target always moves one step further away. Dont get me wrong, nothing will quash your career faster than a string of sub-par work, but “good enough” is often all that is required. In an ideal world… Read on…

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Going down to groove town – Groove in Ableton Live 8

You may or may not know that Ableton has a groove pool from which you can pick a template that will apply velocity and swing to your midi.  Groove is essential in music, but the amount of groove required depends on the genre.  The faster the BPM, the less room there is for groove, so you’ll find that anything 138BPM or above generally has very limited groove and more militant percussion.  Down below 128BPM there is much more room for swing and groove in the percussion. Read on…

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Is there a correct key to write dance music in? The short answer is yes.

WE HAVE MOVED, PLEASE HEAD OVER HERE, THANKS!: When you’re bashing out (composing) your next dance floor smasher, should you be concerned with what key it is in?  The answer is yes, and for more than one reason. You have to consider two things, firstly: 1. What key are other tracks written in? This question […]

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Finding the perfect Kickdrum for your tune

How do you find the perfect kick for your track? This post will take you through some of the common problems, giving to techniques and examples of what you should and shouldn’t do. Read on… Often producers start out dropping their favorite sounding kick into the drum machine of DAW sequencer and then start making a track, […]

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Music Chords You Need To Know!

essential music chord you should be using in your productions

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Producer Masterclass: Making more music in less time

how to spend less time and produce more music

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Cant get the sound sample you want? here is the answer

How to grab audio samples from video

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