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We have moved! Please update bookmarks to

Things have been picking up the past few months so we’ve decided to move to a new home on our very own server. Thanks to all the readers and subscribers, we’re glad you all enjoy the blog. We’ve got new posts in the pipeline about getting track elements talking to each other, and the take home message from the Ibiza Music Summit, so head over to and fill in your name and email address on the right and we’ll keep you in the loop! We’ve also got a new section full of free downloads for subscribers coming soon so there’ll be plenty booty for DJs, producers and music lovers.

We’ll see you there!

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Future DJ – The Dawn Of The iPad

On my jaunts around Miami there was something the kept catching my eye (other than silicone and bikinis)… iPads in DJ booths. Funkagenda, Michael Woods, Maceo Plex  – all these guys and more had at least one iPad/tablet PC for triggering effects and loops from Ableton.  And it must be said that their sets sounded […]

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Miami Madness – Tales from Miami Music Week

I’m sat in Key West recovering after a crazy four days at Miami music week (usually known as the winter music conference, but this year the WMC happened earlier in the month with most parties still happening during the music week).  Here is my brief low down on what happened over those days… Firstly, partying […]

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Is your artist image adding or subtracting the cool? Part 1

Last month in Esquire along with a brilliant Dizzee Rascal interview there were a series of 3 awesome double page adverts for the fashion house Dunhill; as part of their ‘Voices’ campaign. They were awesome on several levels and I thought they served as a great way of pointing out a few key lessons in how you […]

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Early morning muse

Woke up to the glorious sun we’re experiencing here in Leeds at the mo. I aim to make Fridays purely focused on music, and a little mischief! I’m currently working my way around learning acoustic guitar and have been sat in the morning sun figuring out Otis Redding’s classic – Sitting on the dock of […]

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Getting your value into the red zone

There was an eccentric guy I used to work with in engineering a while back who always joked about ‘adding value’. It turned into a bit of an in-joke between us that was great to drop in meetings to add some comedy to otherwise prosaic affairs. However, it really isn’t a joke. In any relationship people /products need to […]

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Kate Nash’s Poetry Corner

Stumbled upon some poems by the excellent songstress Kate Nash on the guardian. Pretty mental and funny. I like the quirky just so nature of her tunes and lyrics. You can check them all out here at Guardian Unlimited… My favourite is posted below for your Sunday pleasure

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