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Why DJ MAG Top 100 is load of Bolloxs

So its that time of year again, to chart up who is apparently the ‘Best’ DJ in the world, and my inbox and the forums (along with anywhere else) become spammed with emails of people pleading you to vote for them…  very few things piss me off. This happens to be one of them. Call me a […]

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RA DJ Charts: Dark Room Robot – January 2010 Top 10

These are some of the tunes that are really working for me on the dancefloor at the moment. First time for a while no Lutzenkitchen tunes haha. Making a top ten I find so hard, Rob Small is a local Leeds producer I expect will rise this year, got some hot releases coming out including […]

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House music downloads -Forbidden Fruit Vol. 1

forbidden fruit vol 1 – latest mix release from forbidden fruit recordings, featuring tracks by tom lennox, darius syrossian & nyra, hacksaw, deepchild, dark room robot, click & zoom,

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