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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Heaven (Ibiza)

hitchhikers guide to ibiza and we love space closing parties

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Space Opening Party Ibiza 2010

Lordy, lordy!  Now this is what I call a line up.  I was lucky enough to be at this event last year, and what an epic 13hrs of partying it was – if only I could have found Chris Liebing!  Me and the partybrat were totally worn out.  Well, not totally, we managed to accidentally […]

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Dancetrippin TV

I thought I’d mention this website again (Mr Robot posted about it when they featured his mix a few months back) seen as it’s so good. What is better than listening to a sick mix I ask you?  Well, how about listening to a sick mix and watching the crowd go nuts to it too! […]

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Underground TV – for music junkies…

Underground TV – DJ interviews, club reviews, ibiza documentaries, it’s all here!

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So that’s why I love Ibiza…

I was just trying to find out how much Chemical Brothers were paid to play Space in Ibiza in summer 2008 (I’d heard a cool 1 million euros but I find that hard to believe, even though the club probably grosses double that on door sales alone).  Interestingly, they hadnt played there for 14 years […]

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