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Is your artist image adding or subtracting the cool? Part 2

Finally the second in this series looking at lessons to be learnt in how you manage your musical artist image from the awesome double page adverts for the fashion house Dunhill; as part of their ‘Voices’ campaign. The second advert features the actor Harland Miller. Whilst reading this take time and think how does it impact on […]

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Anatomy of a Beatport Release – The Real Deal

Last year the guys at Beatport did a piece called “Becoming One – Anatomy of a #1 hit”.  This showed how the Swedish House Mafia marketed their release “One” and the ensuing sales and fame the release achieved.  It was an interesting piece, but as a case study it isnt entirely useful seen as it […]

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Getting your value into the red zone

There was an eccentric guy I used to work with in engineering a while back who always joked about ‘adding value’. It turned into a bit of an in-joke between us that was great to drop in meetings to add some comedy to otherwise prosaic affairs. However, it really isn’t a joke. In any relationship people /products need to […]

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The things that make Music Timeless

What is it that makes music timeless? check and find out…

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Producer Masterclass: Making more music in less time

how to spend less time and produce more music

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Food to get your studio session cooking

Essential food to feed the producer mind and get your session cooking

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Cant get the sound sample you want? here is the answer

How to grab audio samples from video

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