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We have moved! Please update bookmarks to www.lostinmusik.net

Things have been picking up the past few months so we’ve decided to move to a new home on our very own server. Thanks to all the readers and subscribers, we’re glad you all enjoy the blog. We’ve got new posts in the pipeline about getting track elements talking to each other, and the take home message from the Ibiza Music Summit, so head over to www.lostinmusik.net and fill in your name and email address on the right and we’ll keep you in the loop! We’ve also got a new section full of free downloads for subscribers coming soon so there’ll be plenty booty for DJs, producers and music lovers.

We’ll see you there!

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Ibiza International Music Summit 2011

Here’s a little update from the IMS conference on the White Isle…

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How much is your music worth?

Not so long ago music production was the playground of the minted. Without access to expensive equipment, studio time, engineers, manufacturing, and distribution there was no track. Now tracks can be released for less than the price of a… Read on…

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Want make more music? Say hello to your enemy: Perfection

It’s great to strive towards the perfection that the voice in your head tells you about, but the reality is you will never get there. Never. The target always moves one step further away. Dont get me wrong, nothing will quash your career faster than a string of sub-par work, but “good enough” is often all that is required. In an ideal world… Read on…

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Music Promotion for the digital age with Kahua Music

Continuing Lost in Musik’s look at the various facets of music we thought it would be good idea to look at the black art of dance music promotion. In days gone by the artist made the tune, got it signed, the label distributed it and employed a promotion company to get it in the relevant tastemakers hands. Today with… Read on…

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DJ Spinna tribute to the legend that is Quincy Jones

Stumbled upon this beautiful mix of Quincy Jones tracks by DJ Spinna this afternoon whilst doing some admin tasks. A real education in sounds and styles, and sure to get you all in the summer mood as the rays beam down here in the UK. DJ Spinna tribute to Quincy Jones DJ Spinna is a […]

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Firestarter: words of wisdom from Pezzner

Here at LostinMusik we are hyped to have some fine words from super producer Dave Pezzner in the musical inspirations book, this week we’re going to share a couple of his responses… Read on…

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